The Power Skill Of Great Leaders – Emotional Intelligence

While cognitive abilities have been the dominant skill in the workforce and entrepreneurship, most recently, its more subtle yet equally potent cousin has risen to prominence. And no, we aren’t talking about the super ability to pick excellent office snacks (though this should not be undervalued).

The power skill that has taken the lead is Emotional Intelligence, and Emotional Intelligence Leadership Training.

Before you say you hold the elevator for your co-workers, please note that doesn’t constitute Emotional Intelligence.

What Is Emotional Intelligence Leadership Training?

Emotional Intelligence, EI or EQ is a suite of power skills that help you to control, perceive, and evaluate emotions personally and in others.

Management, employees, and business owners must develop the capacity to recognize their own emotions and those of others. Emotional Intelligence leadership training assists in cultivating and guiding your thoughts and actions, helps you to discern between feelings, and to appropriately identify them in relationships.

EQ is about regulating our own emotions and feelings when we interact with team members. Self-awareness is one of the cornerstones of Emotional Intelligence.

The ability to recognize your own emotions and how they can affect your surroundings when faced with career-related and business obstacles can make or break you.

Yes, your interviewer asked if you had initiative, and yes, you boasted you could surpass KPI’s all on your own. However, if you jog your memory just a little, another aspect of your interview heavily focused on being a team player or situational questions; these questions are intentional to gauge your emotional intelligence capabilities.

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Why Is EQ/EI Important?

Apart from a happy, healthy workplace or a thriving business, Emotional Intelligence is crucial.

According to various research conducted by Harvard, Stanford, and the Carnegie Foundation and released by Forbes, 85–87% of success comes from soft skills, also known as power skills because there’s nothing soft about Emotional Intelligence and personal skills.

Extensive Statista studies also highlight that 36% of executives state that Emotional Intelligence will become a critical skill in 3 years, and others state it already is.

Emotional Intelligence merges self-awareness, motivation, empathy, self-regulation, and social skills; and leverages them to the tune of practical benefits. These include higher productivity, better collaboration among team members and leaders, building rapport, reducing team stress, defusing conflict, and heightened critical thinking.  That is why Emotional Intelligence Leadership Training is so important.

In the realm of entrepreneurship, no matter the size of your team, you will need to artfully wield these skills daily to drive your business to success as you navigate interactions.

EQ and Leadership

Are You Emotionally Aware?  Undoubtedly, EQ and efficacious leadership go hand in hand.  Have you completed Emotional Intelligence Leadership Training?

Now more than ever, teams look to leaders to exert emotional awareness and fortitude to foster an enriching workspace.

It is now imperative that EQ is normal and not just a bonus.

In today’s business arena, regardless of organizational size, leaders must identify and understand employees’ emotional states to successfully manage their workforce.

Hence, the LEAD Social-Emotional Intelligence Program is a vital addition to your team development efforts. It is a 6-week program for people leaders and employees alike within organizations or for entrepreneurs that need to learn high-impact Emotional Intelligence skills that make a notable difference.

A lack of Emotional Intelligence can lead to a chaotic and uncoordinated workspace plagued by miscommunication. Most importantly, it will diminish productivity, engagement, and affect opportunities for advancement or your business’s bottom line.

So, take time to harness the power of emotions to aid in your career progression and impact your entire organization.

Ensuring that you are equipped with the power skills that every great leader needs, will prove to be an invest you will reap the benefits from for years to come.


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