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The LEAD Social-Emotional Intelligence (SEI) signature program is a hybrid course that encompasses live cohorts and online self-paced learning. The 6-week training is designed to build authentic resilience in emerging and evolving leaders that facilitates growth and development, supports understanding ourselves and others, and fosters effective interpersonal relationships.

The #1 reason 41% of people are choosing to leave their jobs is lack of career development and advancement, according to McKinsey’s Great Attrition, Great Attraction Global Survey 2022.

Infographic: Why People Are Quitting Their Jobs | Statista

In a 2021 Gallup Report, 59% of workers said career advancement is their primary motivation. Professional development is essential to career growth, but for many years employers have overlooked and underestimated this fact, so much so that people are quitting their current jobs and switching to employers that will invest in upgrading their skill set for growth and development and career progression.

According to a 2020 World Economic Forum Jobs Report, 50% of all the labor force will need reskilling by 2025If your organization is not onboard, it will be among the 52.3% world-wide that say their top challenge is “talent acquisition and retention” and the 43.8% noting their second biggest problem is survival and expansion.”

Invest in yourself, people-leaders, and individual contributors, and reap the benefits of:

  • Career-advancing credentials
  • Enhanced employability
  • Increased credibility
  • Higher earning potential
  • Employee engagement and retention
  • Greater team alignment and collaboration
  • Upgraded talent knowledge and skill sets
  • Expanded empathy and well-being
  • Achieve resilience and agility
  • Become an asset to your organization

As people development architects, all LEAD instructors are subject matter experts with decades of experience and hold terminal degrees in their field of study.

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Training Certification

Upon completion of the Lead SEI Program, participants receive immediate access to a verifiable digital badge and certificate of completion. Print your certificate and add to your portfolio and share your digital badge on LinkedIn and other social media platforms to celebrate your accomplishment.

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