4 Work Mode®

What is it?

4 Work Mode® is a leadership assessment designed to provide insight about 4 different work modes commonly used each day. These work modes drive our instinctive thoughts, behaviors and actions, and influence how we communicate, collaborate, lead people, and work on projects in teams or alone.

4 Work Mode® is a tool used to understand one’s natural workflow when it comes to getting things done. The assessment provides knowledge that empowers, enlightens, and increases awareness to successfully maneuver in daily work environments and beyond.

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Who is it for?

The 4 Work Mode® assessment is for people leaders and individual contributors, and is used as a professional development tool to aid in short and long term developmental goals .    

How does it work?

The 4 Work Mode® assessment takes 6-7 minutes to complete. Upon completion, you will receive a detailed assessment report. Unlock your potential or that of your team by learning your leadership style, strengths, how to increase productivity, successfully collaborate, and maximize performance. Implement the actionable advice to foster greater communication, teamwork, resolve conflict, and increase progress toward individual and team goals.    

Benefits of the 4 Work Mode assessment:

  • Maximize leadership capabilities
  • Improve productivity 
  • Streamline workflows
  • Systematize performance outcomes
  • Create cross-collaboration alignment 
  • Foster a positive team culture
  • Boost team morale and engagement
  • Develop high performing teams
  • Increase your competitive edge

The Top 3 Power Skills executives want talent to cultivate in 2022 and beyond:

  • 60% Communication
  • 56% Leadership
  • 50% Collaboration

The 4 work mode assessment zero’s in on these aspects and more. 

We partner with educational institutions, healthcare, state and government, financial, non-profit, retail, restaurant, transportation, oil and gas industries, and more to help bridge talent skill gaps and increase engagement.

First-Year College Students

There is an increase to build student confidence and well-being in higher education.  Community Colleges and Universities are in need of tools to help improve student engagement and success.  First-generation students complete college at lower rates than student families with an educational background.  Additionally, first-gen students come from low-income families thereby warranting more support than their counterparts.

The 4 Work Mode® assessment is a beneficial tool to help build confidence, self-awareness of innate strengths, appreciate the strengths of others, and foster collaborative relationships of first-year college students.  The strengths-based assessment assists in reimagining how success is attained and measured and will last throughout each student’s educational journey and lifetime. How it works is all first-year and transfer students are invited to complete the 4 Work Mode® assessment prior to starting classes. The knowledge gained supports resilience, conversations to enhance student engagement with each other, professors, and faculty. Awareness of strengths increases student alignment with academic, social, financial, and overall well-being that is a win-win for all.

University Testimonial


At Adams State University, undergraduate students enrolled in Organizational Behavior needed a practical way to experience the concepts taught in the course. The 4 Work Mode assessment was the perfect vehicle to help students become philosophically immersed as the assessment unlocks the potential of individual and team performance, leadership styles, strengths, and opportunities for growth.


We have utilized the the 4 Work Mode assessment for three years in our undergraduate business program and the results have been phenomenal. Students use the assessment results in two parts, first through self-reflection of their personal strengths and learning how to successfully work and interact with others, and secondly by gaining awareness of opportunities for further growth and development, which students readily embrace with thoughtfulness and humility. 


The assessment is written in a concise yet easy to understand manner.  Students overwhelmingly report how the results accurately reflect their work modes and precisely describe how they approach tasks performed individually and in teams.  The insight and knowledge gained from the assessment allows students to learn their personal work modes and that of others to effectively foster greater communication, collaboration, resolve conflict, and increase progress toward shared goals within an organization. On multiple occasions students noted the assessment gave them insight that was life changing. 

Students consistently share their intention to further explore personal strengths and weaknesses and how they will apply the suggestions given in the assessment results to their specific work situations.  The 4 Work Mode assessment helps our students gain a better understanding of approaching interpersonal interactions and how it affects themselves and others in the work environment.